Connected Communities - Broadband in the Western Isles
Connected Communities - Broadband in the Western Isles
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Network Status

Thanks to our engineers hard work and commitment, all the Network disruption following the extreme weather conditions have been repaired.
All service have been restored.


Public Sector - Please report issues to your respective Helpdesk.
Hebrides.Net Customers - Report issues on 0845 8389010

About Us

The 'Connected Communities' Network delivers Wholesale connectivity to Communication Providers and Public Sector Organisation across the Western Isles of Scotland.
case studies Chris' work involves sharing emails with colleagues

Environmental Health Officer - Achmore

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Chris Schofield is a Senior Environmental Health Officer with the Council and has recently moved into a satellite office in the Old School at Achmore. The Connected Communities Broadband service was connected soon after she moved in and she said: " I recently moved from a large office in Stornoway - it was getting very crowded there and a condition of the move was that we would have the Connected Communities broadband link available. I've found the email service works at least as fast as it did in the old office and the Internet is much faster. I couldn't work without it. It's important for us to be able to disperce staff to rural locations and I would recommend the service to other remote workers."

The service has worked well, when there was a brief outage early on, the council's IT department called in Connected Communities' engineer to diagnose and resolve the problem and it's been reliable ever since.

The recently refurbished office environment is a great place to work, with plenty of space and a rural setting, but it couldn't have been used without a fast broadband connection. The use of a wireless hub means that internal data cabling is kept to a minimum and workstations can be easily moved around.


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