Connected Communities - Broadband in the Western Isles
Connected Communities - Broadband in the Western Isles
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Network Status

Thanks to our engineers hard work and commitment, all the Network disruption following the extreme weather conditions have been repaired.
All service have been restored.


Public Sector - Please report issues to your respective Helpdesk.
Hebrides.Net Customers - Report issues on 0845 8389010

About Us

The 'Connected Communities' Network delivers Wholesale connectivity to Communication Providers and Public Sector Organisation across the Western Isles of Scotland.
Broadband Glossary


2Mb connection
High speed broadband connection enabling download speeds of 2Mb per second - around 40 times faster than a standard 56k modem.

An abbreviation of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is a technology that transforms a standard twisted pair of copper wires telephone line into a high-speed always on, internet connection capable of simultaneously carrying voice and data. It is termed 'asymmetric' because data moves in one direction faster than in the other i.e. data is transmitted faster from the exchange to you rather than from your premises to the exchange.

Anti-virus software
Protection against malicious computer code usually sent via email but sometimes infecting web site downloads. PCs are particularly vulnerable and you should have anti-virus software installed no matter which way you connect to the internet.

The capacity of your internet connection to transmit and receive data. Bandwidth is usually measured in bits-per-second. Imagine your internet connection is a pipe, the bigger the pipe, the faster the information will flow.

A generic term for high speed digital internet connections.

Contention Rate
This describes the maximum number of users sharing the bandwidth on the connection between your local exchange and the Internet Service Provider. A customer with a contention ratio of 20:1 never has to share this bandwidth with more than 19 other users.

Ethernet is the most widely-installed local area network (LAN) technology. Most new computers have this capability pre-installed or can be upgraded to take advantage of this connection method.

Gatekeeper hardware or software that guards against unauthorised access to your computer via the internet by hackers.

IP address
Stands for Internet Protocol address, the host computer assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider when you make a connection. A static IP address means your ISP permanently assigns your connection to a particular host computer. IP addresses are numeric, you may have noticed them occasionally in the address bar of your browser. For example, is better known as An internet service called DNS (Domain Name System/Service) translates the request for into the corresponding IP address.

Login or logon
The method by which you identify yourself to a host computer. This often means typing a user name and password.

VOIP means 'Voice over IP' and is quite simply a method through which telephone calls are made through a broadband connection. This is normally achieved through using equipment such as a headset or USB telephone attached to a PC or in other cases through a VOIP enabled router. Calls made through a VOIP system are typically cheaper than through a regular telephone line.

Wireless Router
A device which allows more than one PC to use a broadband connection at the same time wirelessly. You are able to use such a device with your Hebrides.Net connection as long as it has an Ethernet connection that you can plug the IDU into.

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